Wellness: From illness to good health

This is a case of a 49-year-old senior corporate lady executive of a multinational firm suffering from severe primary hypothyroidism with peri-menopausal symptoms, an endocrine disease which slows down your metabolism, makes you obese and slows down your respiration due to muscle weakness called myopathy.

Luckily, a breathing technique called chaotic breathing helped her to improve basal metabolic rate (BMR). Improved metabolism enhanced her muscle endurance, weight loss process, wellness and overall performance of the body.

Breathing is a catharsis and a method of kinetising potential energy. Our repressed emotions like anxieties, depressions, anger, frustrations and insecurities are a kind of potential energy. When you are angry you have a different rhythm of breathing; when you are in love, a totally different rhythm comes to you. When you are relaxed you breathe differently. That means that breathing is deeply related to your mental state. If you change your breathing, you can change the state of your mind. Or, if you change the state of your mind, breathing will change.

Breathing is an unconscious 24×7 phenomenon but the irony is it can be consciously controlled. You can change the rhythm, you can hold the breath for few seconds and you can speed up or slow the rhythm. But you cannot stop breathing for a long time because it connects voluntary and involuntary systems of your body.

Chaotic breathing means just taking the breath in and exhaling without any rhythm.

Chaotic breathing creates a chaos within your repressed system. This type of breathing destroys all your systems of the past. This creates a chaos within you because unless a chaos is created you cannot release your repressed emotions. Chaotic breathing increases oxygen delivery to tissues and washes more carbon dioxide per breath. Ten minutes of chaotic breathing is wonderful but it must be chaotic. It creates chaos making you thoughtless and tranquil.

Most patients have two aspects of diseases – one is bodily and another morbid perception of the disease called illness. Chaotic breathing techniques significantly help to change illness to wellness. Once wellness is achieved disease intensity becomes less and patient is on the path of recovery.


Deep, fast breathing gives you more oxygen. The more oxygen in the body, the more alive you become.

Next step is a catharsis. To be consciously insane and whatever comes to your mind allow it expression and cooperate with it. No resistance, just a flow of emotions….If you want to scream, express through crying, dancing, weeping, jumping, freaking out. This second step is also for 10 minutes.

So when you start to do it, in the beginning it may be forced. It may need effort, there may be just acting but do not bother about it, go on. Soon you will touch those sources where you have repressed many things. You will touch those sources, and once they are broken you will feel unburdened; a new life will come to you, a new birth will take place.

Then in the third step, use the sound HOO. Many sounds have been used in the past; each sound has something specific to do. HOO goes much deeper up to your sexual organs. This sound is used just as a hammering within. When you have become vacant and empty, only then can this sound move and make you feel tranquil.

Precautions: Patients with breathing disorders should be careful before practising this technique.


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