Allergic Rhinitis

The Mechanism of Allergy

The Mechanism of Allergy


allergic rhinitis

Key Points

  • Most common atopic allergic reaction
  • Primarily mediated by immunoglobulin E( IgE)
  • 50 percent of AR has positive family history
  • Multiple genetic factors are responsible for different allergic phenotypes
  • AVAS is usually a 100-mm long horizontal line with verbal descriptors (word anchors) at each end to express the extremes of the feeling. AR patients mark the point on the line that best corresponds to their symptom severity or AR control status. To this end, they are instructed to put a cross on the straight line at the point that most accurately expresses their degree of agreement.
  • VAS > 5 = uncontrolled AR, VAS 2–5 = partly controlled AR and VAS score < 2 = well-controlled AR.
  • Intranasal steroids are drug of choice, it’s safe, effective should be used as preventer
  • Azelastine is useful & safe in children
  • All Allergic rhinitis should be evaluated for Asthma (one airway one disease) as it is said “no wheeze without sneeze”
  • Immunotherapy may play a useful role in selective persistent Allergic Rhinitis


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