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Lifestyle Clinic offers an individually tailored Wellness Program that is formulated based on your specific blood test results. The blood tests help us to understand your unique body chemistry which indicates what is required to get your body back in balance.

SAANS total wellness is a mind body program involves a complete medical checkup, counseling, yoga, pranayam, organics and a disease specific management. A six week wellness coaching group works on mind body connection. This program helps you to transform, from the inside out for a fit and healthy lifestyle. When you transform the landscape of your thoughts, you transform the landscape of your body. You will achieve amazing results and create successful behavior changes while integrating healthy eating and exercise into your life to repower and satisfy you. This program facilitates you finding out how the mind and body connects. You will learn how we can change ourselves for good by simply incorporating few basics. Pranayanam will help you tone up your cardio respiratory system, muscle toning techniques will help you to overcome stress, help you to maintain a toned body. The methods will improve your metabolic profile and you will soon become a bundle of energy. The concept of Indian nutritive foods will do the final balancing. You’ll learn about your unlimited potential, energizing yourself, thinking well, and develop a tremendous amount of self confidence and wellbeing. The program will help you to loose fat fast.

We believe being overweight is a result of a medical condition that can be effectively controlled by achieving metabolic equilibrium and changing your lifestyle. We tested thousands of foods to develop a clear understanding of what foods affect and correct underlying imbalances of the hormones involved with fat loss. We offer uniquely tailored eating plans that are strictly about balancing every day foods and incorporating these into a person’s daily eating routine. This balanced eating triggers the required response in the body resulting in the normalization and optimization of major systems and hormones. or else

You can avail specific wellness services for different sets of life style problems right from backache, obesity, metabolic problems to stress and sleep disorders substance abuses like smoking, drug and alcohol


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