SAANS caters to all kinds of respiratory problems arising out of allergy, tobacco, infection, obesity, snoring, sleep disorders, occupational, cardiac and malignancy

SAANS specializes in all kinds of asthmatic problems

When you have asthma you may have questions?

  • Am I sick?
  • Is this asthma?
  • Can asthma be cured?
  • Why do I keep coughing or getting breathless so often?
  • Is it so serious that I need a continuous treatment?
  • Which medicines can help me? Do these have side effects?
  • How do I take these medicines?
  • Do I need to carry them anywhere I go?
  • Can I stop medication when I am feeling normal?
  • Can I lead a normal life?

These and many such questions might crop up when you experience asthma for the very first time… we understand your anxiety, your concern, and your fears! We all need to live healthy.

“It’s true that asthma is not completely curable, but we can effectively control asthma with the help of modern treatment medications; so much that you have your own quality of life.

All that we require is ‘you’, your positive energies and your strive to remain healthy. We need to combine our treatments with ‘you’, to fight against this chronic disease, AND WIN”

Remember, if you think you can, YOU CAN!”

Please let us know if you find

  • It is hard to talk
  • It is hard to walk
  • Lips or fingernails turn grey or blue
  • The heartbeat or pulse is very fast and irregular
  • The medicine does not help for very long, or it does not help at all

How doesCOPD differ from Asthma?

Although COPD and asthma have similar characteristics such as the signs of coughing and wheezing, they are two distinct conditions in terms of disease onset, frequency of symptoms and reversibility of airway obstruction.

The onset of asthma typically occurs during childhood or adolescence. COPD most often develops in smokers and former smokers who are in mid-40s.
Exacerbations of asthma -characterized by recurrent wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and cough-often have identifiable triggers such as allergens, cold air or exercise. However exacerbations in COPD are commonly caused by respiratory infections,
With treatment, asthma patients have near- normal lung function and are symptom -free between exacerbations. Airflow obstruction in COPD sufferers is only partly reversible with smoking cessation and bronchodilator use.


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