Dr.P.P.Bose, is considered one of the first 2 or 3 top Chest, pulmonary, respiratory& overall Consulting SuperSpecialist. I, P.k.Sen strongly reccomend him who happens to be in the Pharmaceuticals field since 43 years. R/O I-1665,C.R.Park, New Delhi-110019.

Pk Sen, Pharma

Bose’s untiring and relentless efforts in the field of chest critical care and sleep disorders brought him many laurels. He has been a recipient of Delhi Medical Association Excellent Award and was bestowed with scroll of honor from UCMS, Delhi University for meritorious services. With a dedicated mission to ‘Safe Lungs’ coupled with a crystal clear vision to reduce the sufferings and health due to respiratory, lifestyle and sleep disorders, he upheld his dream through advocacy, early diagnosis, treatment and safety measures which ultimately culminated in the formation of “SAANS FOUNDATION” which is now listed amongst top 10 global foundations in sleep research and advocacy. Dr Bose has been honored as Fellow, Indian Sleep Disorder Association (FISDA) for his contribution to the growth of sleep disorder medicines in India..

Sujit Guha, Banker

“Really takes his time. I did not feel rushed at all and felt that he was very thorough and patient. An empathetic human being, he is very friendly and helpful and actively involved in community outreach activities including free health camps for needy. His passion and commitment to train health care workers mainly from poor families that provide them with employment opportunities in the health and disaster management industry is really commendable. I wish him all the very best…”

Dr RK Bose, World Bank

Humility, hard work, humanism and harmonious relationship besides rare competence as a doctor, strong clinical insight supported by sound academic input, and a desire to help all, more so the needy – a divine impulse, all combined make a man who is Dr. P P Bose. Untiring he works, and whatever his schedule – busy or over-busy, he always has time for a good cause and for him who needs his help. If the number of his patient is larger the clock’s needles would not curtail the time of a patient in queue, rather it would stretch over and curtail his time of sleep or from his family’s share. In today’s commercial professionalism Dr Bose is a delightful encounter.

I wish he continues as he is.

All the best, love and blessings.

P C JAIN – Author and art-historian

It was April 2000, when I was taken to New Delhi , for the treatment of my long illness , the reason of which none of several doctors throughout the country could find out.

Many suspected that I had some heart problem and hence I was taken to Escorts, where doctors suspected it to be a lung problem and referred me to Dr. Sarabhai , who immediately felt that I had some problem with my sleep and finally referred me to Dr. Bose’s sleep clinic. This decision came as a boon to me and gave me a new life.

Immediately after my sleep test, Dr. Bose diagnosed my sleep apnea problem, which I never hear of ,as this was not to be diagnosed easily in India , except by senior and dynamic doctors like Dr. Bose. Though my problem was very serious and only six months of survival was expected but under guidance and regular treatment of Dr. Bose , I am now regularly using a  BY-PAP machine, as directed by him, till now and leading a normal and a very happy life.

Later on , in coming years, I was operated for breast cancer and Hernia under his guidance as surgeons were afraid to do my surgery, but all were successfully done.He is a great doctor , with lot of practical knowledge and personally takes care of me as a family member. I recommended him to other patients also , who are greatly satisfied with his treatment and behavior.

May god bless him and give him all success and happiness in life.

With Regards and blessings,

Bimla Kasliwal
Anoop Bhawan,
580,M.G. Road,
Indore -> +919826075111, +919302104700

Prince Ajit Kasliwal, Indore

Dr. Partho Pratim Bose, as a Phonologist, has been my attending physician, for almost a decade. He is highly professional, very empathetic and extremely skilled as a doctor.  Last year, I was hospitalized under his care at National Heart Institute with severe pneumonia and a collapsed right lung and he made sure that I had not only the ultimate care, both for the illness and emotional support, but he also took the time and patiently outlined to me all the medical treatment I was receiving or to receive so that I could, despite of being so ill, feel in control and know that all efforts were being made to make me alright again. This gave me a feeling of great security. Additionally, he also ensured that his team was my support for the entire 24 hours for all of the 14 days, I spent at the hospital recovering under his care.  He is that rare medical practitioner, who carries his patient’s care with him as he travels.  This was an eye opening experience for me. Dr. P.P. Bose had to be away for two days to attend a conference in Goa during my hospitalization. He called me at least twice a day to check in on my condition.  Surprising for his patience in hospital at that time, he stopped on his way back home from the Airport and checked in on all of us, at close to midnight. I call that true commitment, even beyond the call of duty. I recommend Dr. P.P. Bose to all my relatives and friends and to anyone who needs caring and empathetic care along with strong professional skills.

Guni Mukerjee, Jaypeegroup

Dr. Bose is more than just a doctor. He is a medical guide who diagnoses, treats and most importantly, educates. His approach is 100% scientific and encourages his patients to adopt a lifestyle that is completely holistic, preventing the recurrence of the ailment. My husband, my daughter and I have visited him in situations of respiratory exigencies and have been able to control our asthma since.

Pronoti & Ajoy, Crpark, Banker

An excellent doctor combining professional excellence with the highest ethical values

Shilpi, Shroff Eye Hospital

Dr P P Bose has always been a Total Doctor for each & evry patient providing physical , mental & most importantly psychological treatment & cure . He is a very valuable & dependable Good Samaritan to all & sundries . A great combination indeed …

Gen Utpal Bhattacharyya , PVSM , AVSM ( Retd )

I am privileged to have Dr. Partha Pratim Bose as our family physician and friend.
As a doctor he has shown his dedication and care towards his patients.He is always approachable and available to provide guidance be it in his own medical profession or in any other area indirectly affecting his patients.
He is an example of what an ideal doctor should be.
Dr Bose is a source of inspiration to his community ,his patients,family and friends.
Sanjoy Dutta

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sanjoy dutta, Engineer



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