Community Outreach Mobile Clinic

Mobile Health Clinic

The Mobile Health Clinic is a doctor’s office and clinic on wheels. A specially outfitted truck provides examination rooms, laboratory services, and special medical tests to those in remote areas who have access to little or no medical facilities, and to patients who do not have the resources to travel to obtain care.


SArthak Community


A Community Outreach Clinic equipped with

  • Crash cart
  • Oxygenation system
  • Power back up
  • Audiovisual system
  • Nebulizer
  • Patient transport Aids
  • Defibrillator
  • ECG
  • Lung function machine
  • Non invasive ventilator
  • Drugs and disposables
  • Trained ambulance driver
  • Two health workers
  • One physiotherapist
  • One MBBS doctor


  • Advocacy: Awareness of communicable &non communicable diseases
  • Health care skill training : Targeting unemployed youths
  • Preventive: Immunization, Antenatal &Postnatal Care
  • Diagnostic:
  • Minimum investigation facilities like Hemogram,LFT, KFT,Lipid
  • Glucometry, Urine routine & microscopic
  • locally endemic diseases to be detected and referred
  • ECG machine
  • Lung Function machine
  • Basic Emergency management
  • Curative:
  • Treatment for minor Ailments and geriatric case etc
  • Rehab:
  • Physiotherapy


  • Services to the identified community/ area.
  • To deliver primary service in health education , health promotion & health care skill training
  • To deliver health care services of rehabilitative nature
  • The services offered also include one or more than one specialty of medicine
  • Health records for all patients will be maintained to monitor the program and facilitate follow-up treatment

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