Chaotic breathing, cosmic energy

There is an octogenarian lady, a patient of renal disease on frequent dialysis for the past few years, whose health had been deteriorating.

She was refusing to eat and swallow, partly because of her disease and majorly due to her progressive cognitive dysfunction. She had been suffering from progressive frontal lobe dysfunction due to multiple infarcts, a dysfunction characterised by memory dysfunction, unable to walk and speech disorder.

The patient was infused with spiritual breath energy through tactile power. If a man consciously augments the minute ventilation and transplants that breath energy to a patient, it becomes cosmic. Minute ventilation is the total volume of breath per minute. Minute ventilation is the product of tidal volume, volume per breath multiplied by respiratory rate, breath per minute. Increase in minute ventilation is possible by both increasing both the rate and volume of breath.

One can increase 20 times the volume per minute by chaotic breathing. This volume is a potential energy and can be kinetised by tactile sensations with simultaneous divine chants. This the divine kinetic energy works as a conduit from a healthy caring person to a patient.

This activity is practised 10 to 15 minutes in the morning. It has significantly improved the patient’s wellness, alertness and appetite. This works on the principle, if you care for someone then you can transplant your energy through breath, a true cosmic energy through resonance. Your breath oscillations mindfully resonate with the patient’s breath through uncoiling of your divine potential energy called “Kundalini”.

Resonance is a process when you and patient start breathing at the same rate because mindfully you stimulate the breath centre of patient by your cosmic energy. Divine chants should involve deep chant with a breath inflow. Repetitive high pitched chanting should be in breath holding position. The chants can be Om, Wahe Guru, Allah or those belonging to any other faith.

There are eight steps for five minutes of chaotic breathing. Hold your breath for a minute focussing your breath on your third eye, centre of intuitive intellect called “Triambhakam”.

Rub both the palms and generate a huge amount of tactile breath energy. Touch the forehead of the patient and do divine chants at a high pitch and high speed. Slowing rubbing the palm on face slowly start moving to different directions. You may repeat the process and practise twice a day.

Offer him or her something to eat, preferably a sweet. The benefits are huge as it transplants a conscious cosmic energy to your dear ones, who are suffering from chronic debilitating disease. If you are unable to maintain your tactile and chanting energy simultaneously you can take a few chaotic breaths and repeat the process. The whole idea is to charge the patient with your breath and energy. If you are too overwhelmed take ten deep breaths (conscious breathing) to calm your mind and bring your awareness back to the fixed area. Make sure to return to regular breathing after the conscious breathing. Be a neutral observer. Notice the temperature of the breaths, sensations below the nostrils or upper lip, and the rhythm while simply observing them. The eyes can be half closed or closed softly. The closing would allow your eyes not to be easily distracted.

The writer is founder,SAANS Foundation


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