Saans: Breath of life

The SAANS foundation was established by Dr Partha Pratim Bose. ‘SAANS’ meaning ‘breath of life’, is a result of Bose’s efforts in the direction of providing better quality of life to individuals seeking aid and his lifelong commitment to his profession. His mission statement stemming from his extreme concern for human misery, is to eliminate suffering and death due to lung ailments primarily bronchial asthma, through education, advocacy, community outreach and research. The common disorders treated here are respiratory disorders like allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, smoker’s asthma (COPD), pneumonia, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, lung fibrosis & pleural diseases. Stress, life style and Sleep disorders are also treated here. 

Bose’s interest in this field of respiratory disorders led him to start the Saans Foundation– a respiratory organisation actively involved in community outreach, professional training and research activities in India. ‘Saksham’ – an initiative of Saans is a multipurpose capacity building forum to provide health worker and home attendant courses. Saksham aspires to train suitable youth from the lower economic strata of society as multi-purpose health care workers in the health and disaster management industry. 

These trained health workers are working as a bridging gap as Allied Health professionals in different health care delivery system. Saans care is incomplete without its one to one rehab program Samarth, which is a rehabilitation center for patients with chronic diseases. Saans believes gateway to total fitness is journey from physical, mental, emotional, environment and social to spiritual wellness in nutshell, a total wellness experience. The rehab attempts to reduce symptoms and make individuals more functional.

Saans takes proactive initiatives to cater to old patients through its home care services which provides 24X7 patient care services. Bose has received many awards. He has written many books and published articles.

Our Mission: “Saving Lives”

Through Our

SAANS Initiatives

Our vision

Reaching people and touching lives by our values of

Our Belief

“We can Change with our Chain”

Our Approach

“Journey from Illness to wellness”

Our Philosophy

“Creating Empathy not Sympathy”

Awards, Recognitions, Events & Publications


Faculty, International Symposium & Workshop on Sleep Disorders, Indian Sleep Disorders Association (ISDA), 1996


Faculty, Associations of Physicians, Bareilly, 1997

Panellist, IMA, South Delhi Branch, 1997

Faculty, Course on Polysomnography, Indian Sleep Disorders Association (ISDA), New Delhi, 1997

Chair Person, International Symposium & Work Shop on Sleep Disorders, Indian Sleep Disorders Association, 1997


CME Proficiency Award, Rajnanda Pulmonary Disease Research Trust, Escorts Hospital & Research Centre, New Delhi, 1998

Better Breathers Club, Award Of Honour, World Asthma Day (WAD), 1998


NAPCON, Speaker, 1999

Recognition of Meritorious Service Rendered for Success of First Join Conference, NAPCON, 1999


Better Breathers Club, World Asthma Day Appreciation, Delhi, India
Habitat Centre, 2000


Speaker, ACADIMA, Annual Academic Conference on Indian Medical Association, 2001

Faculty, Critical Care Conference & Workshop, Escorts Hospital & Research Centre & Indian Society Of Critical Care Medicine, 2001

Faculty, Recent Advancement in Respiratory Diseases & Workshop on Thoracic Optic Surgery, AIIMS, 2001

Delhi Traffic Police, Award of Honour, 2001, New Delhi


Award of Honour, National Symposium on Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Chest Summit, Delhi 2002

SAANS Appreciation on Global Standards, Health Environment, News Letter, 2002

Scroll of Honour, Association of Physicians of India, Chennai, 2002


Award of Honour, International Congress on Respiratory Diseases, Kolkata, 2003

Speaker, Bridging the Gap, Bangkok, 2003

Award of Honour, CME, Rational Use of Antibiotics, 2003

Award of Honour, Satellite Workshop on Asthma and Sleep, SSKM Hospital, 2003


Distinguished Service Award, DMA, 2004

Guest Speaker, JAPICON, Jharkhand, 2004

Global Initiative on Asthma (GINA), World Asthma Day Appreciation and Acknowledgement, 2004


Association of Physicians, Dehradun, 2005

Appreciation Award at European Respiratory Society, 2005

Faculty, NAPCON, Kolkata, 2005


Award of Honour Banaras Hindu University, Kashi, 2006

Respiratory and Critical Care, Globe Media Care Lucknow, 2006

Speaker, National Conference on Pulmonary Disease, NAPCON, Nagpur, 2006

CME, Chairperson, Current Modality in Treatment of Sleep Disorder Breathing, Apollo, Delhi, 2006

Award of Honour, Silver Jubilee, University College of Medical Sciences, 2006

Faculty, Delhi Critical Care Symposium, 2006


Workshop and Symposium on Sleep Related Disorders, Delhi Heart and Lung Institute, 
Sleep Symposium by Respironics, 2007

Faculty, Workshop on Flexible Bronchoscopy, 2007

25 Years of Excellence, National Heart Institute, Delhi

Award of Honour, Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation, National Heart Institute, 2007

Panellist American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) and GOLD, Hyderabad, 2007


Faculty, IMAMPCON, Gwalior, 2008

Loksabha TV Speaker 2008

Award of Honour, Rainbow Meet, Jaipur, 2008


SAANS as Global Foundation on Sleep Advocacy and Research, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2009

IMG Conclave, Speaker, 2009

Award of Honour, Orthonova Hospital, 2009

Faculty, Sleep Symposium Delhi, 2009


Faculty, Afro Asia Sleep Foundation, DJ College Of Dental Sciences and Research, 2010

Guest Speaker, IMAPICON, Bhilai, 2010

Speaker, Workshop on Non Invasive Ventilation, Elder Medical, Delhi

Felicitation, Federation of Chittaranjan Park Resident Welfare Association (FCPRWA) C.R Park, 2010


Symposium Faculty at American College of Chest Physicians, REALM 2011

Faculty, NAPCON, Patel Chest Institute, 2011

Scroll of Honour for Outstanding Meritorious Service of Highest Standards for the Cause of Medical Profession and Incomparable Contribution to Humanity, UCMS, Delhi University, 2011


SAANS Foundation Registered Under Trade Mark Act, 2012

Faculty, ‘Inspire’ Resmed Sydney, Australia, 2012


South Delhi Senior Citizen Forum, Award Of Honour, 2013

Faculty Pulmonary Rehabilitation Workshop, Metro Multi-Speciality Hospital, Noida, 2013

Felicitation, Classic, an Organization for Indian Classical Music and Dance, New Delhi, 2013

Faculty Pulmonary Rehabilitation Workshop, Metro Multi-Speciality Hospital, Noida, 2013


NAPCON, Ahmedabad, National Conference on Pulmonary Disease, 2014

South Delhi Senior Citizen Forum, Award Of Honour, 2014

Member Advisory Board Technia Institute, 2014

Guest Faculty, CME on Pulmonology, DMA 2014

Award of Honour, IMG Conclave, Delhi, 2014

SAANS Newsletter Launch for Public Awareness, 2014

Advisor and Faculty, Stewardship in COPD, Cleveland Clinic, 2014


Award of Honour, IMG Conclave, Delhi, 2015

Speaker, Pulmonary Medicine Update, Indorse Chest Society, 2015

South Delhi Senior Citizen Forum, Award Of Honour, 2015

Fellow Buteyko Professional International 2015

Saksham Workshop at Sant Parmarth Niketan, Training of Skilled Health workers, Rishikesh, 2015


Faculty, Depth of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis, SMS Medical College, Jaipur

Outstanding Presentation on Annual Flower Show, Kalimandir, C.R Park, New Delhi, 2016

Award of Honour, Effective Management of COPD, Indi GOLD, Global Initiative in Obstructive Lung Disease, Hyderabad

Saksham, Nurturing Talent and Concern, Certificate of Affiliation, Heath Sector Skill Council, Govt. of India, 2016

Faculty, NAPCON, Kolkata, 2017

Chest Research Foundation, Pune, Faculty, Severe Airway Disease, “Persevere” 2017

Faculty, Allergy Diagnosis and Allergen Immunotherapy, Patel Chest Institute, 2017

SAANS Power Breath, Followed University of Connecticut, Associate Prof Dr Anthony Alessi, Norwich Bulletin Quoted, 2017

Advisory Board, Choose Life Study on “Smoker’s Mental Health”, 2017


Formulation of Indian Guide Lines on Nebulization Therapy, National College of Chest Physicians, 2018

Guest Faculty, Workshop On Respiratory and Allergy, Patel Chest Institute, 2018

Advisory Award, Awareness and Empowerment for Indian Prader Willi Syndrome Association, 2018


SAANS Foundation Recognized Under Delhi Nursing Home Registration Act, DGHS- Govt. of NCT Delhi, 2019

Faculty, ‘Health Law with Special Reference to Women’s Issue’, International Conference, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University, 2019

Inauguration of Clinics in Chest Medicine, Le Meridien, New Delhi, 2019

Current Manual on Chest Disease


Hands on Workshop on NIV- Clinics in Chest Medicine (CICM) Initiative, National Heart Institute, New Delhi, 2020

Current Manual for Respiratory Care Practitioner

Fight Corona Community Outreach Initiative- Clinics in Chest Medicine (CICM), Outside Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, 2020

Webinar Series on COVID-19 Disease- (CICM), 2020

Webinar on Post COVID Rehabilitation, Indian Association Physiotherapy, 2020

Wellness Project in Collaboration with Dept. Of Philosophy, Delhi University & Ramjas College, Delhi University, 2020.


Current Manual on COVID-19 Disease- CICM, 2021

Respiratory Advisor- Astra Zeneca, 2021

Biologics Clinic in association with Astra Zeneca, 2021

Setting up Post COVID Rehab Center at SAMA Hospital,2021

KOL, Amway, 2021

2021 (contd.)

MBA- Darden University, 2021

Senior Consultant Pulmonology- Moolchand Hospital, New Delhi, 2021

Adboard & virtual webinars- CIPLA, Sun Pharma, Lupin, Astra Zeneca, Fourrts, Alchem, Pfizer, 2021

Quit Tobacco webinar- Pfizer, 2021

Wellness Webinar- Ramjas College, Delhi University, 2021

Setting up of SAANS Branches in Delhi NCR & Overseas, 2021


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