Humble, humane and happy

A journey to total wellness needs a positive environmental wellness. The home, the office and the work place should have positive vibes. This energy is cosmic and it improves your mood, morale and health of the place. When you succumb to recurrent problems in your life and fail to pinpoint the answer the reason could be wrong wind flow and magnetic radiations. Its cosmomagnetic and one can sense it through regular healthy practices. Our environment influences our temper, emotions and it has all kinds of energies. We need to improve the positive energy flow in our environment.

First and foremost is right flow of oxygen. The air flow should allow cross ventilation so that we get oxygen enriched air and wash out carbon dioxide adequately. Indoor plants and nurturing greens around the environment bring more oxygen to the ecosystem as plants take carbon and release oxygen in the environment. Indoor plants also help to increase the indoor energy and help to control humidity.

Brahmasthan, the centre of the house, should not be cluttered with kitchen, bathroom and furniture. Create a lot of open space in the centre of house or workplace so that you enjoy right flow of energy and oxygen. Bring sunshine in. Sunlight is cosmic and it brings wellness and also detoxifies the system.

Surya yoga is a breathing exercise which helps to bring cosmic energy to your system. Take slow and deep breath in early morning during sun rise. Feel the oxygen and sun to each and every part of your body. Speak energy in and evils out. It helps to energise your system and improve your environmental wellness. Our other-senses like of smell, auditory, visual, taste and touch can also play an important role in augmenting environmental wellness.

Healing through visualisation. Visual imagery plays an important role in bringing alpha activity. Visual imagery is a method where you sequentially brush through pictures of events and places, which slowly connect us you to your nostalgic wellness. Pictures depicting nature and spirituality brings positive energy and improve environmental wellness.

As bathrooms bring negative energy always keep your door closed and keep your toilet seats covered. Use crystals, plants, bright colours to bring positive vibes. Never sleep towards West as it brings restlessness. Never sleep towards North as our head is in North Pole, north and North Pole repel each other; it may cause resistance and high blood pressure. Mirror should not face your feet in bedroom; this brings negative energy and stress. Carpets and heavy upholsteries are the harbinger of dust mites. Minimise dust and dust mites. Dust mites are responsible for allergies and asthma attacks.Bed linens should get regular sun exposure. Sunlight kills germs and improves wellness and sleep. East areas of your homes are considered energy generators. Sit in a comfortable position and feel your breath and take slow and deep breath and feel more positive energy inside. Bulbs should have less emission standards, preferably LED bulbs. Prefer yellow light over white. Yellow light brings wellness. Study area should use proper white light and light should fall from a height.

Study area should give maximum relaxation to eyes as they are the true extension of our brain. Stay away from WiFi power generators and never keep phone in your shirt pocket or sleep with it. The energy is electromagnetic and can affect your cardiovascular system. Kitchens and bathrooms should not be in opposite direction. Keep both doors closed while in use as energies are opposite in nature. Relaxing music improves wellness. The music with which you are connected is the music of your environment wellness. Classical music brings positive vibes and improves wellness. Foods play an important role in wellness. Food rich in saturated fat, high in simple carbohydrates, rich in preservatives, low in fibres, less in fruits and vegetables, rich in red meat affect your wellness and digestion.

Clothes play an important role. Cotton, recycled, natural clothes improve wellness. Avoid wearing synthetics and tight undergarments. Use recycle things and go natural. Feel good artefacts in different corners resonate environmental wellness.Imagine your house is surrounded by a blue circle, think about your guru or master. Visualise each and every aspect of your house and feel all other members are performing tasks. Speak positive words and say my house is protected, my house is divine. Environmental wellness is the cornerstone and plays an important role in journey to total wellness. If you enjoy environmental wellness, you will be humble, humane, and happy and always be in humour.


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