krishna Consciousness

Today as always, man seeks God – and often without knowing he is doing so, all human activity – good, bad or indifferent is actaually misplaced search for God. The fact is that man in his true nature is already divine, but  this divinity is covered. Life’s one purpose is the realization of divinity. Realization of this-divinity is religion of man or ultimate wellness. This realization can be practiced by yoga of knowledge, conscious control of mind, selfless work or karma .

Krishna is our inner conflict, our consciousness , our emotional wellness. He is a true balance between our expressive and repressive emotion. A right balance, as if riding a bicycle where we are maintaining our balance in momentum. Life is flowing, a momentum. Krishna consciousness accepts life in all facets, in all elements and colours. It is a small bundle of joy dancing and celebrating in this mundane world of sadness and madness. Krishna consciousness means accepting life in duality, be a yogi and bhogi  simultaneously at two different planes of life.It is really arduous to under stand Krishna consciousness. It is easy to understand that a man should run away from the world if he wants find peace but is really difficult to understand that one can find peace in the trunk of market place.A flame of candle can remain smooth and steady way from wind and storms, but how is it possible that a candle can still burn steadily in midst of storms .

Krishna consciousness says fight , fight with absolute surrender to God. Become a vehicle.surrender means absolute awareness. Surrender means dropping the ego and ego is our unconscious state of mind,Krishna consciousness is egoless ness and sublimation to your inner god and then leave it to him. Then asking your awakened mind . If your mind tells you to become a monk, be a monk. If he says be a warrior be a warrior.

When Arjun was in distress in battlefield. Krishna says ” give up everything and come to my feet” surrender and sublime into me,I am in you , I means I which permeates whole cosmos, surrender means surrendering to the primordial and mysterious energy that permeates the vast cosmos, Krishna consciousness has taught us that a man can hold to his love and compassion even in battlefield. It has a huge relevance for the future mankind.

Krishna consciousness is a art of living where your mind body and soul remain calm, positive yet in tandem in the cyclone of our life. Its like a lotus in water unattached, untouched while living in the life with fullest spirit.

Krishna consciousness is happiness in sadness, non violence in violene, beauty in ugliness, love in hatred. It’s an awakened mind like Buddha. Krishna consciousness cannot be experienced in piecemeal. Krishna is wholesome.Krishnaconsciousness has to be accepted entirely in all weathers, in all situations of life. It’s a wellness in paradox, peace in war, love in hatred, light in darkness, life in death. It is our inner consciousness, our altered ego, our repressed emotions. It has to be expressed in an awakened mind not in an unconscious state of  mind.

To under stand Krishna consciousness we have to accept man learns by act of commission not by act of commission, These steps help to attain Krishna consciousness

  1. Learn empathy, feeling into a human being
  2. Practice conscious control of mind by breathing techniques
  3. Know your repressed emotions and try to express it in a harmonious state of mind
  4. Be momentous and pamper yourself
  5. Be always positive and practice happy thoughts , happy mind
  6. Be rational , don’t bejudge-mental
  7. Practice 360 degree wellness ie physical, mental, emotional ,environmental and social wellness
  8. Practice social services and dedicate part of your life for downtrodden
  9. Show gratitude to nature , for being you life support,i.e.  air, light, water ,soil ,heat and wellness
  10. Practice spiritual parking. Learn to surrender and sublime to your mystique master.






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