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Wellness: Cosmic energy for inner cleansing - Saans Foundation

Wellness: Cosmic energy for inner cleansing

This column is about the condition of a 55-year-old man suffering from insomnia, depression and negative thoughts leading to low esteem.

It is important to remember that Sun is our wellness. We shine when the Sun is out. This is cosmic energy. This energy is our purifier, our healer, our true wellness. Sun is responsible for vitamin D synthesis which helps in our overall wellness. It helps us to secrete endorphins, a natural anti-depressant.

It is possible to bring this cosmic energy to our ecosystem. The whole cosmos is within us. We have to only nurture our mind to store this energy. If we can concentrate and store this energy, it can catapult itself into a huge kinetic cosmic energy which can remove clogging from our vascular system, improve blood circulation and generate positive energy in us. This cosmic energy can play an anti-oxidant and help us reduce stress and depression. We have to open the window of our soul to see it. Sun is the king of the solar system. It is holding the Earth like a kite is held by a string. Sun and Earth have an electromagnetic attraction. This electromagnetic field can help us control the disharmony of our human system. The rotation of the Earth aroundthe Sun signifies their inseparable relationship.

Sun is our true soul energy. The process by which we bring it in our human system is called Soorya Yoga. It helps us to bring light to our ecosystem, a true enlightenment. Soorya Yoga is the fragrance and essence of life.

The infra red of the Sun stimulates our blood circulation and increases oxygen flow to the tissues which augment tissue repair andhelps warm up the system. The most important thing about Soorya Yoga is that it stimulates the pineal gland, the third eye, to release melatonin which controls the sleep- wake cycle.Soorya Yoga is a Sun gazing technique that removes all negative thoughts and illnesses.

Illness is the cognitive perception of any disease state. Soorya Yoga converts our illness to wellness. It is a technique designed and propagated by Sri Sooryaji.

The steps for Soorya Yoga

  1. Rub yourforehead and place a special silver coin on the third eye position between your eyes. Place your hands on the Sun symbol position, touching the body below the navel. Stand/ sit, facing the Sun, east in the morning and west in the evening. Close your eyes, think and thank the Sun with gratitude on behalf of your parents, gods and masters. Ask for forgiveness and send love to all. Say to the Sun that you are myguru and my nearest and dearest friend.
  2. Slowly open your eyes with a smile. With a deep and slow breath, feel the light energy of the Sun. Breathe out all negative thoughts and problems like Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and let it all go out through the solar plexus (Manipur chakra). Repeat the process coordinating with your breath.
  3. The next step is meditation. Silent sitting with closed eyes, minimum 10 minutes.
  4. Then visualise all this for about seven minutes.Now direct that love energy to the heart. Fill your heart with curative energies. Now pump this energy to different organs. Feel your organs with loads of positive energy. Soak yourself in this cosmic energy and experience the light in you. You are the light now and shower this energy on all your near and dear ones.
  5. Release the hand position and with eyes closed, bend down and touch Mother Earth with your palms and forehead. Let the silver coin touch the Mother Earth. Take a deep breath, surrender to Mother Earth, thanking her with love. Come back to sitting namaskar position, rub hands together to create heat in between the palms and cup your eyes with your palms.
  6. Feel the energy in your eyes. Blink six-seven times and slowly open your eyes. Bring the hands to folded prayer position and thank Sun for illuminating your inner light.
  7. Stand and clap, laugh loudly, stand with your right foot forward, hands stretched towards the Sun, scrub all negative thoughts. Repeat thrice “Divya jyothi prakata ho, rog kashtu door ho.”as well as “Divya prem prakata ho, rog kashtu door ho”. Say “Jai Surya, jai Surya.” This Soorya Yoga is to be practiced daily. Try and avoid fried, non-vegetarian and caffeinated drinks in your diet. This yoga has immensely helped this writer.

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