CASE-1 (Post COVID Rehabilitation)

• A 45 years old female, contracted Covid-19. She was initially better with mild symptoms that she was able to manage by herself at home . On day 3 she began to feel dyspnoea ,for which she was taken to hospital. The  HRCT chest films revealed a completely opaque lung that you can correlate with the image (Fig-A).Patient was quiet anxious, agitated and in denial, not ready to cooperate with the treatment. •With motivation , and perseverance ; patient was out of complications . The right dosage of Pirifinedone , NIV along  with CBT , REBT and dedicated SAANS pulmonary rehab programme , she was saved. •Post recovery HRCT films shows a better picture , with very few fibrotic patches (Fig-B). Patient was able to maintain saturation even with exertion activities now ( say 6MWT). Vitals are also stable.


NIV– non invasive ventilation

CBT– cognitive behavioural therapy

REBT– rational emotive behavioural therapy

6MWT– 6 minute walk test

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