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Dr. Bose diagnosed my sleep apnea problem, which I never hear of ,as this was not to be diagnosed easily in India , except by senior and dynamic doctors like Dr. Bose. Though my problem was very serious and only…

Humility, hard work, humanism and harmonious relationship besides rare competence as a doctor, strong clinical insight supported by sound academic input, and a desire to help all, more so the needy – a divine impulse, all combined make a man who…

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Dr P P Bose has always been a Total Doctor for each & every patient providing physical , mental & most importantly psychological treatment & cure . He is a very valuable & dependable Good Samaritan to all & sundries…

An excellent doctor combining professional excellence with the highest ethical values. Dr. Partho Pratim Bose, as a Phonologist, has been my attending physician, for almost a decade. 


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