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A Complete Home Health Care Solution

The elderly Indian population is one of the fastest growing in the world. At 110 million, India has the second largest global population of ageing citizens. The fastest-growing segment of the population is the 85-and-older age group. Despite advances in health care, many elderly people have chronic, incurable progressive diseases and need assistance with the activities of daily living. They need structured program and support to be more functional and “active. Long-term medical care, whether it be for the sick/recuperating post-surgery or the aged, is best carried out in the environs of the home, for reasons of patient-comfort, logistical convenience and economy. But to constantly monitor the condition of the patient and provide medicate at the appropriate time, the two vital requirements are professionally-competent personnel and optimal use of technology. But more important, they need a positive attitude to overcome illness as they are lonely and majorly depressed.

We at “SAANS” developed a structured program called” A journey from illness to wellness”. This is a structured program managed by trained physiotherapists and paramedics.”SAKSHAM” a paramedic academy of SAANS foundation are training paramedics to support home health care. SAANS @ At Homes are working in following key areas which are helping this age group help them to Change from ageing (adding years to life )to growing,(adding life to years)

 Interactive Healthcare talks and Awareness programs

 Proper integrated continuity in home Healthcare

 Trained paramedics in geriatric care.

 Rehabilitation and wellness

 Vocational rehabilitation for active participation of geriatric population

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