SAANS Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

SAANS Rehabilitation called “SAMARTH” Rehabilitation
A comprehensive intervention for patients with chronic diseases who are symptomatic and often have decreased daily activities. It is designed to reduce symptoms, optimize functional status, increase participation, and reduce health care costs through stabilizing or reversing systemic manifestations of the disease and tries to address morbidities and their consequences through education and exercise. Patients are encouraged to become more actively involved in their own health care, more independent in ADLs and less dependent on health professionals and expensive medical resources. Rather than focusing solely on reversing disease processes, rehab attempts to reduce symptoms and make individual more functional and restore function following an illness or injury, with the goal of maximizing a person’s ability to achieve fullest life possible
SAANS Foundation provides you the best range of breathing exercises training, weight reduction treatment services, balance training exercises with their effective team of physiotherapist, nutritionist, wellness coach, saksham health workers under the personalised guidance of Dr Bose
A.Who can benefit?
Chronic Respiratory disease symptomatic with optimum drug therapy
Chronic Cardiovascular diseases with breathlessness despite optimum intervention and drug therapy
Chronic Neurological diseases
Chronic Orthopaedic diseases& post operative
Lifestyle disoders like Stress, Sleep , Obesity
Special children
B.What are the possible benefits Benefitsof the program?
Improved Exercise Capacity
Reduced perceived intensity of dyspnea
Improve health-related QOL
Reduced hospitalization
Reduced anxiety and depression
Improved limb function
Benefits extend well beyond immediate period of training.
Please join our Rehab program. This program can be availed either by staying at SAANS centre, or a biweekly outpatient program or at home care level
Please call 01141603446/3447 or SMS Dr Bose 9810159687 for personalized Samarth Rehab program

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