SAKSHAM – A Multi-purpose Health Worker Course for Hospitals & Home Care, A SAANS initiative

Healthcare is one of India’s largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment, and the sector is expanding rapidly. Today the total value of the sector is about 70,000 crores which is roughly 6% of our GDP. Disaster Management is another field which has a huge potential for growth in India given the frequency of natural and manmade disasters which afflict our country from time to time. Both these sectors would require trained health care workers which unfortunately is hard to find in India. Trained health care workers like ward attendants can be more productive in both these fields if provided with a focused training programme as outlined below.

This thought led to the creation of “SAKSHAM”, aSAANS foundation Initiative, which is a multipurposecapacity building forum to provide health worker and home attendant courses. SAKSHAM aspires to train suitable youth from the lower economic strata of society as multi-purpose health care workers in the health and disaster management industry. SAKSHAM has got recognition from Health Care Sector skill Council, Govt of India for two courses
1. General Duty Assistant(GDA)
2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

A.About Program me

1.A multi-purpose Health Worker Course for Hospitals, Intensive Care, Clinics, Corporate Clinics, Pharmaceuticals and Disasters.
2. Crash Home Attendant Course.
3. On-job training to health workers in various establishments.
4. high Employ ability of these Trained Health Workers in different Health Care delivery sector

B.Course Content:

The course contents based on the requirements of the health worker in a health care and disaster setting and modules designed based on:
1. Attitudinal development
2. Skill development
3. Knowledge Enhancement

C.The multi-modality training involves

1.Rotational internship in different departments of tertiary hospital
2.Case studies – medical consequences
3.Transportation of sick patients
5.Table top experience – simulations
6.Mock drill
7.Soft skills (personality development, communication skills, stress and situation management
8.Technology skills (mobiles, walkies-talkie, computer etc.).

D.The courses offered are as follows:

=Multitasking Health Worker Course includes
1.General Duty assistant (GDA), minimum 8th pass
2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), minimum 12th pass
Course content covers 300to 400 hours of classroom lectures and 100 hours of hands on training and is based on the requirement s of the health worker in health care and disaster setting. The right attitude with skill development and knowledge of the human anatomy are provided through class room lectures, table top experience-simulations, mock drills, bed side experience, hands on experience on management of patients, bathing, bed making, feeding, bed sore care, oral drug administration, and observational experience of intravenous drug administration, device like cardiac monitors, ventilator, dialysis machine, angiography and endoscopic techniques. Hands on experience on BP monitoring, Temperature, Intake output,ECG, Ryle’s tube feeding, bandage and dressing, blood sugar testing, insulin administration, CPR,Respiratory care like Oxygenation, Neutralization,Inhalers, devices, noninvasive ventilators and transport of sick patients are provided.

=Home Care Attendant Crash Course
This course covers 48 hours of classroom lectures and 20 hours of hands on training and is based on the requirements of home care worker. The right attitude, bed side mannerism, communication skills and hands on experience on vital signs, personal hygiene, bed sore care, feeding, oral drug administration, mobilization, checking blood sugar, insulin injection , basic respiratory care, basic physiotherapy and Basic life Support skills are provided.

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