Wellness: Channelling divine energy

Modern science has given us methods to examine bodies, treat diseases but nothing is there to improve our goodness or ability to improve empathy. The most important part of the human body is the latent divine energy which lies between our skins to inner conscience, the potential energy or Shakti. Shakti comprises mind, intellect, emotions, vital senses, conscience and all other senses. These are different and variable in intensity in different individuals. Therefore each human being is unique.

In yogic parlance the soul is called ‘purusha shakti’ and energy of nature is called ‘prakriti shakti’or kundalini energy. This is latent and cosmic and when this energy is awakened it gravitates toward the very core of the soul.

To achieve wellness we must activate dormant points in the body called chakras. Chakra means ring. Chakras have potential energy coiled inside. Chakras tap the prana or stored cosmic energy to transform it into spiritual energy. There are eleven chakras. The most important is the Sahasrara chakra where prakriti shakti or kundalini energy unites with purusha shakti or soul.

Divine breath, kundalini, “the yoga of awareness,” opens your heart, builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of your spine. Kundalini yoga focuses on the breath. It aims to cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to raise values, speak truth and focus on empathy needed to serve and heal others.

The majority of the physical postures focus on navel activity, activity of the spine, and selective pressurisation of body points and meridians.


Visualise a bright star. Imagine the Earth beneath you and circle with a star in the globe. Think the word “Earth” as a mantra. Circle as long with your star in the earth, until the whole earth in you is full of light. Rub the ground with the feet.

See a beautiful Sun in the sky. It sends its rays down on you. Let the light flow into you. Fill your entire body with light. Move the feet and toes.

Circle with the star around your body and think the mantra “body”. Clean all the tensions around your body. Wrap yourself with light. Massage your body.

Circle with the star in the body. Clean all areas of the body sequentially from their tensions and fill it with light. Think the mantra “light”. Circle with the star particularly in your head, chest, abdomen, legs and feet. Massage the parts of the body.

The hands are on the belly. Tense the muscles in the pelvis, in the abdomen and chest. Keep the tension. Relax. Repeat. Then breathe deeply several times in the belly. Think during inhalation “Om” and during exhalation “Shanti”. Go with the mantra “Om – Shanti” toward inner peace.

Shambhavi is the mudra of Shiva. It means blessed and is his main meditation technique. By the star circling, your energy has turned inwards. The back is straight, the head upright and the belly relaxed. Half or fully open your eyes and focus on the energy in you. Thus the energy of the eyes flows inwardly and stabilises your meditation. Stop all thoughts. Concentrate on the kundalini channel, a chakra (heart or sacral chakra) or the light within you. Spend some time in quiet meditation. Come back slowly.


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