Wellness Coach is key to success in our SAANS Rehab Program

For the success of any Rehabilitation program it’s very important to have a wellness coach in the team, We at SAANS have been running a very successful Rehabilitation program primarily Pulmonary Rehabilitation, for the reason being the cumulative efforts of the team consisting of Doctors, Rehab therapists, Nutritionist, Healthcare Workers, Technicians, Lung educators and Most important the Wellness coach.
Who Are Wellness Coach?
Wellness coach is a person who understands the expectation of patient, empathize them and motivates them to adopt certain lifestyle and undergo rehabilitation training without any hindrance. As we know any chronic disease especially chronic lung disease has two components one is the bodily presentation which is managed by taking regular medications and secondly the perception of the suffering of the disease long term, which affects our mental health hence leading to loss of motivation and depression. This is what is called illness. Illness is the disease state or mental perception of the disease process. We at SAANS make people experience the journey from illness to wellness. So wellness coach formulates a roadmap for the journey from illness to wellness through different tools like Motivational talks, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Biofeedback. Wellness coach can be a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, healthcare worker, so here in SAANS it’s mandatory for every employee to undergo a training program as a wellness coach where they are trained for right communication skill, right body manners, patience and tolerance in order to handle all situations in a correct attitude. Basically the components of training are divided into three categories I.e. Attitude skill and Knowledge (ASK). Hence utilising their expertise they provide basic understanding of disease and using correct attitude to understand the thought process and change the behavioural pattern of patients through cognitive behaviour.
What does the training program involve?
Training of wellness coach involves right Communication skill, body manners, coping strategies to handle the situations. Basically the training is divided into Attitudinal change, Skill training and Knowledge enhancement. A wellness coach should have a right attitude, right skill and knowledge. They are trained extensively to motivate patients and sessions on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).Wellness coach is the team leader of the Rehab program and anchor. A Good wellness coach should be Empathic, Confident, Positive with a very soothing a Personality .A professional who can understand the feelings of the patient and have the ability to motivate; a wellness coach is a very integrally part of the Rehabilitation program.
What is our teaching at SAANS?
We teach and build in an Empathy factor, our E factor.
Have Empathy not sympathy? That is our tag line

How does a Wellness Coach Asses patient outcome in SAANS rehab program?
We have designed a questionnaire to illness components called SAANS Wellness questionnaire. It has got 40 questions. We classified the patients based on different scores less than 20, 20-40 and 40 to above. Those of 40 on above, these are moderately high level stress, we try to bring them high to low moderate to low level like 20-40 or less than 20, so wellness score decides our patient outcome score.
SAANS Rehab patient outcome
219 patients from May 2015 to june2017 suffering from chronic respiratory failure due to COPD & lung fibrosis on optimum medical treatment with domiciliary oxygen therapy was subjected to three days of in-house Pulmonary rehab program followed by biweekly six weeks outpatient rehab program .The results showed significant improvement in physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, environmental wellness, social and spiritual wellness of these highly demotivated patients. The program comprises of motivational talks, muscle training, nutritional intervention, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques. Inhalation therapy, nasowash, non-invasive ventilation coupled with Saans power breath techniques. The team comprises of doctor, physiotherapist, nutritionist, wellness coach, lung educators and SAKSHAM Health workers
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