The Breath Of Life A Crusader for Health, Empowerment and Happiness, Dr PP Bose

Chest Specialist

As we enter the plush and uber cool confines of the impressive office cum wellness centre of “Saans”, the super speciality centre of Dr PP Bose, one thought immediately crosses the mind- that anyone who wants to make a difference in society does not need to be a somebody- it’s the thought, the feeling, the passion to serve society that drives a person to give his all- and that’s exactly what Dr Partha Pratim Bose is doing apart from making a far – reaching name in the field of pulmonary, breathing and sleep disorder, therapy and treatment. A proud resident of CR Park, he has grown up seeing the colony transform itself both on the positive and negative sides. He rues that in the mad rush to be tech savvy, we have lost the personal touch with our family, neighbours and friends, and have been gripped in the web of groups, chats, inboxes and virtual walls! He nurtures this intense passion to see a different CR Park, more vibrant, lively, interactive, and most importantly , healthy. To realize this dream, he has initiated a plethora of wellness and health oriented activities, programs which will surely change the face of the colony’s health.
SAANS – A respiratory, lifestyle and sleep care foundation- it treats all disorders related to breathing such as Allergy, Asthama, Tuberculosis, Sinusitis, Lung Cancer, Stress and Life style disorder, Obesity and Breathing disorders. The aim of SAANS is to ensure you a relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated life with a healthy body.
SAANS further has several initiatives under its umbrella focusing on several key aspects and gaps in our society and around us.
SAKSHAM Capacity is a capacity building in the health care sector which trains school and college students from the lower economic strata of society to become independent and empowered with healthcare knowledge. They are then placed as health care workers in the health and disaster management industries.
SAMARTH Rehab is a rehabilitation for chronic diseases. Here, after diagnosis, a patient is treated with utmost care and post treatment therapy imparted as well to make way for a healthy life.
SARTHAK Community has a fleet of mobile clinics to have maximum access across the city and treat poor and old people.
SAHAJ Home Care provides 24/7 home care and wellness services for elderly people.
Dr Bose, himself is thoroughly involved in the socio – cultural web in the colony, being executive member of most of the societies and actively participating in all the events round the year. An avid philanthropist, he willingly contributes to all the social causes and effusively encourages any initiatives that catches his attention! A voracious reader and a prolific writer, he regularly writes for several medical journals in India and globally.
Habitat Times is proud to partner with Dr Bose and SAANS to enable a healthy CR Park!

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