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MD, DTCD, DNB, FISDA, FBPI Founder SAANS Foundation Dr. Bose is a recipient of the Delhi Medical Association Excellence Award in the field of Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine and Scroll of Honour for outstanding professional services and incomparable contribution to humanity from University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi University. He is a committed professional but more importantly an empathetic human being committed to providing better quality life to individuals seeking his assistance. Dr. Bose has been honoured as Fellow Indian Sleep Disorders Association (FISDA) for contributing to the growth of sleep disorder medicine in India. Dr Bose has…

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SAKSHAM - A Multi-purpose Health Worker Course for Hospitals, Home Care and Disasters. Healthcare is one of India's largest sectors, in terms of revenue and employment, and the sector is expanding rapidly. Today the total value of the sector is about 70,000 crores which is roughly 6% of our GDP. Disaster Management is another field which has a huge potential for growth in India given the frequency of natural and manmade disasters which afflict our country from time to time.…

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Saans Foundation India

Super Speciality Centre & Nursing Home in South Delhi for Respiratory, Critical Care, Sleep, Allergy, Rehabilitation & Home Care

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Saans Globally Acclaimed Foundation received recognitions from GINA, International journal Neuro sciences WHO, FICCI, USAIDS, TERI, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, US. Millennium Alliance, National Heart Institute, MAX Hospital, Portea Branches at Rajasthan, kolkata and Virginia, USA

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