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  • Globally Acclaimed, DGHS (Govt. Of NCT Delhi) & HSSC recognised (Govt. Of India)

    Globally Acclaimed Saans Globally Acclaimed Foundation received recognitions from…GINA, International journal Neuro sciences WHO, FICCI, USAIDS, TERI, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, US. Millennium Alliance, National Heart Institute, MAX Hospital, Portea… Branches at Rajasthan, kolkata and Virginia, USA
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    Educating Patient We believe that patient education is key to successful treatment. We dont make people better. We guide them and provide tools to make them breathe better an live longer.
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Founder SAANS Foundation
Chairman sAksham
Fellow Pulmonary, Critical care & Sleep

Senior Consultant
Department of Pulmonary, Critical care & Sleep medicine National Heart Institute, New Delhi
Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi
Sama hospital, New Delhi
Consultant: FICCI, CIDM and TERI New Delhi


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Bose’s untiring and relentless efforts in the field of chest critical care and sleep disorders brought him many laurels. He has been a recipient of Delhi Medical Association Excellent Award and was bestowed with scroll of honor from UCMS, Delhi University for meritorious services. With a dedicated mission to ‘Safe Lungs’ coupled with a crystal clear vision to reduce the sufferings and health due to respiratory, lifestyle and sleep disorders, he upheld his dream through advocacy, early diagnosis, treatment and safety measures which ultimately culminated in the formation of “SAANS FOUNDATION” which is now listed amongst top 10 global foundations in sleep research and advocacy. Dr Bose has been honored as Fellow, Indian Sleep Disorder Association (FISDA) for his contribution to the growth of sleep disorder medicines in India.
Sujit Guha, BankerSujit Guha, Banker

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Our Mission

Through our Community, Capacity, Rehab and Home Care initiatives

Our Vision
To reduce the suffering and death due to Respiratory, Lifestyle and Sleep Disorders by Advocacy, Early Diagnosis, Treatment and Safety Measures

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